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How AVEC-ME can help

“With” Toolkit–Avec-Me For Organizations
  • With Assessment–on an online/mobile tool that allows every person on your team to decide who they are currently with, why they’re with them and what, if any, changes or improvements need to be made.
  • With Cultural Pivot Kit–A series of discussion based tools including:
    • The With Assessment
    • The With Toolkit
    • The With Workshop
    • The With Keynote
    • With Workshop Certification for Organizations
  • The “With” Cultural Assessment kit–where is our organization on the talk with/work with/build with continuum. Where can we do better?
  • The “With” Building Blocks – a set of principles, ideas and materials that allow your leaders and teams to make the changes they determine necessary to becoming a “With Organization”
  • “With me” podcasts, blog posts and regularly scheduled Webinars where you and your teams can take part “with” experts and share best practices in building “with” cultures.
“With” Toolkit–Avec-Me For Individuals, Spouses, Partners and Families is coming soon The Individual “With” Assessment–a mobile app that allows you, using graphics based tools to see who you’re “with”. You’ll get access to a method, in those tools, to examine.

Avec-ME Services


Avec-me has virtual and live workshops based on our philosophy of

Talk with, work with, build with, walk with

That can be customized to your specific requirements. All workshops are available as Train the Trainer opportunities.


Coaching and Consulting

Our team includes management consultants and executive coaches who have worked with Fortune 100 executives, government and military senior leaders and team leaders and team members, focused on how to get to “with” in their areas of responsibility.


Connection Cures Contention, available on Amazon.

Blogposts and Webinars

Avec-me team members share blog posts, conduct webinars and deliver podcasts (coming Q3 2023) on our website and social media accounts that provide real-world examples delivered through powerful storytelling on the “power of with” in organizations, families and communities.


"Sabrina and her team have been looking after me for years, and are without a doubt the best in the industry. They know exactly how to connect and solve problems."
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