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Mosaic of Me

Presenting Camie HoDLmair

I am excited to introduce Dr. Camie Hodlmair, a senior member of our Avec-me team. Camie has deep experience in healthcare and community organizations. As importantly she is an active mother to four children and support to her husband.


Camie has spent the last year taking the foundational principles in our book Connection Cures Contention and making them more accessible, applicable and actionable for women in our communities.

Building on her own life experience – with its triumphs and near tragedies – she compares life to a mosaic – a beautiful expression of all of the pieces of life – intentionally assembled into a spectacular work of “life-art”.

Camie’s book will be released this spring. In the meantime, please enjoy these excerpts and share them with your friends, colleagues and families.

Once again – welcome Camie.

Richard Godfrey

CEO & Co-founder

Excerpts from the Book

He Had Dead Eyes 

Memories of my husband’s health emergency come in flashes.  Flashes of light from the police car. Flashes of noise from emergency responders barking orders. Flashes of the faces of concerned onlookers. Flashes of my husband’s face. He had dead eyes.

My life felt shattered, as if all the beautiful pieces of that life lay broken on the floor, destroyed by the few, horrific hours. The bright, beautiful colors of our family felt broken, random, lifeless and dull. I felt like the unpredictable, downtrodden, and pointless flecks on an ugly vinyl floor.  Could I put it back together again? Would God let me? Would life, with all its craziness, unpredictability and pain let me? Would I have to wait for life to give me permission to move forward?  

Am I just a “small piece of glass” playing a supportive role as a corporate wife? Am I the glue in my childrens’ mosaics, necessary but largely unnoticed or unremarkable?  Am I a tiny glimmer lighting  the mosaic of my patients as I help guide them to recovery?  Or… do I have the audacity to create my own masterpiece?  My own shining mosaic.

Welcome to “The Mosaic of Me”, an interactive invitation to view the connections that create the unique, personal mosaic of a life.   Creating your personal mosaic requires the very human equivalent of pieces of glass, solder, and a vision which come together in a beautiful piece of art- art that is you, me, that is each one of us.

Wherever you might find yourself, a little bit flawed and a little bit amazing, a little bit too busy and a little bit calm,  or maybe feeling a little bit late for everything, I invite you to run a bath, play your favorite music, pour that perfect  glass of wine and begin the work of connecting and creating all the pieces of an amazing mosaic that is you.

Happy family concept. Top view of happy family of three bonding to each other and smiling

Mosaic of Me

The Golf Connection

Sometimes the cyclical nature of the golf swing efficiently transfers motion from the club head to the golf ball.  Sometimes, that cycle breaks down, energy gets misdirected, and the connection between the golfer, the club and the ball becomes misaligned.  This can  result in torn knee cartilage, strained back muscles or a shot into a sand trap.

When examining some of the connections in your life have there been times where the cyclical nature of a relationship has broken down?  Are any of these relationships currently in a sand trap?


Book lands in 2024