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Connection Cures Contention - Coming to Mexico

We are excited to share that Avec-Me is now certifying consultants in Mexico this summer, creating more opportunities for growth and expanding our dynamic team across the world!

This team of industry-proven professionals, representing decades of individual and collective experience, is ready and able to bring the “Connection” message and our organizational deliverables to the Mexican market.

Thanks for joining us on the team to level up your professional journey with Avec-Me!

Mental Health Session Entrata May 2024

Recently we had a chance to have a Lunch with Entrata on Mental Health. It was a great opportunity to talk about Connections and Promise2Live to the company. 

Mr. Godfrey helped the audience to learn, “Connections Cure Contention,” which featured our unique concept known as the WITH space. He unraveled how to apply these simple concepts to your company, family, or friends. By leveraging this notion of WITH space, he proposed how we can encourage productive dialogue, diminish disagreements, and start conversations. This turned into how Promise2Live is so important to help others get to a better place in their lives with these tools. 



Avec-Me Workshop April 2024

We were excited for the opportunity to roll out Connection with leadership and HR professionals we were able to bring the principles of “connection” to the front lines in Canada. This was a great opportunity to meet with clients and help teach the WITH space to bring to their organization. 

There were CEOs and many executives who joinged to be part of this event and introduced to our Connection course. 

We are so grateful for this opportunity.

“Two truth’s and a lie” with Promise 2 Live
March 2024

Author of “Connection Cures Contention”, Richard Godfrey, takes a seat to chat with us to chat further on the importance of connection. Connecting is crucial for our mental health and well being. Many around the world and in our state suffer from depression and suicidal ideation.

By leveraging this notion of WITH space, he proposed how we can encourage productive dialogue, diminish disagreements, and inspire empathetic conversations. Godfrey made a great analogy that the WITH space is like playing with puppling and a something that we can connect with. Just spend the time to connect with people and reach out. 

Here is the video.

Silicon Slopes - Mental Health Panel
March 2024

Our Mental Health benefits when we are able to overcome two destructive forms of contention in our lives: internal, where we fight with our thoughts, impulses, and pain; and external, where we fight with others including those who want to love and care for us.

In this session you will learn 7 actions you can immediately take that will lower the contention in your life and support your mental wellbeing. These 7 Actions support our fundamental mission: Promise 2 Live and the key message that you matter, that your life is worth living.

We will hear from: 
  • Dr. Dave Morgan, Licensed Psychologist and Director of Mental Health Awareness for Silicon Slopes
  • Brandy Vega, Founder of Promise2Live
  • Kirk Duncan, President and Founder of 3 Key Elements
  • Richard Godfrey, CEO of Avec-me
If you or a love one is struggling, please call 988