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The 21st century is the first time in history where, from day one, global connections, insights, communities and opportunities are accessible to nearly anyone for any reason.

Avec, the French word for with, puts forward our belief that global connection is more than global technology. It starts with a foundation that creates an opportunity for “with” based human connection.

Curious–it’s important to have values and standards, but it’s also important to be open to exploring the efficacy and usefulness of those standards when viewed through a wider lens. What I see from my place of viewing may change when I look at the same thing from another place of experience and context.

Considerate–if we will consider what we discover in our open-minded experience, we may find that things we’ve missed or dis-missed may be worthy of our attention and support.

Respectful–when we fill ourselves with respect, we embark on an “additive” rather than “subtractive” approach to life. Age and wisdom have value, but it also complicated them with bias and mistakes. Youth and passion are powerful, but they are susceptible to impulse and prejudice. Every community can find these to respect and to challenge in each other. Canceling is not “with”. Changing together is.


In a world possessed of the tools and technology to connect people like never in history, we want to be part of creating a culture where the commitments to connect are as advanced as the technology to connect.

We want to be part of a new world–a world of talk with, work with, walk with, build with and learn with–a world of deep human connection. 


power of "With"

Leaders can no longer claim people are divided solely by what they’re against. The divisions we see are actually evidence of a “coming together”–around things that people care about, created in ways they care about. This feels like the age of “against” or “opposed” but just below the surface is the opportunity to find “with”–communities, families, teams and organizations that will pivot into a new way of living and working–what we call the “Age of With”. 

To talk with, work with, walk with and build with you need a new toolkit. It doesn’t throw out the old just because it’s old. It builds on engaging principles that work and adds to them ways to:

Discover what “with” looks like for your teams–“With” Culture

Measure the degree to which “with” is active in your organization–“With Metrics”

Tools and resources to speed up “with” at all levels–“With Relationship Tools”