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Layla is a Star

I like eggs. I like them fried, scrambled, poached, over easy, in Eggs Benedict but I like them best soft boiled–6 minutes in a rolling boil then into the egg cup, off with their metaphorical “heads” and into the perfectly soft yolk with some well buttered toast–sliced in narrow strips in what the British call […]

Shoeless and Famous

Most people who follow jazz music and its history will acknowledge that Billie Holiday is one of the greats. She had a smoky, pleading, almost heart-breaking style of singing. Not surprising when you know how difficult both her childhood and adult life would be. The pain of her life became the pain in her voice. […]

Connection Cures Contention

Connection Cures Contention Book

If you’re like many of us not long after you woke up this morning you checked your phone or laptop, asked Alexa or Siri to bring you up to speed on the weather and key news for the day. And you found “contention” – problems, great and small, in full flame or about to burst into flame. […]

Building “WITH” Spaces

For the last few decades I’ve written books, in my own name and with/for others that addressed a simple problem in how we live our lives or run our businesses. This book is different. First of all its not about “a problem” but something I believe many would agree is “THE problem” of this time in […]

Shoulder to Shoulder and Book by Book

As reported in a recent online article on www.npr.org sometimes the best way to move, especially if you’re having to move because you can’t afford to be where you are, lies in moving for free–since you’re already run out of money.  October Books, in Southampton, England, had been at their location since 1977. As a […]

Flipping for Friendship

A few weeks ago, my wife’s social media feed included a short video of a group of tiny turtles rushing to the aid of one of their buddies who’d flipped onto his back and couldn’t get right-sided. Not only was the video both fascinating and heart-warming (they got their buddy back on her feet), but […]

Soda in a Milk Jug

The global pandemic of 2020-2022 cost millions of people their lives, their health and their futures. For those who survived or escaped the direct ravages of the disease, suffering came in other forms. For small business owners all over the world with most, if not all, of their customers in lockdown, their business traffic evaporated […]

Hitting a Home Run

Blue Jays Stadium is renowned for at least three things. It is the only Major League Baseball stadium outside of the United States. It was the first stadium to include a hotel with large floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the entire field, allowing visitors to watch the game while still in bed. […]

Mundane Does Not Mean Meaningless

A recent article in the WSJ outlined a two decade pursuit of one of the significant challenges faced daily by parents of children with long hair. Too young or lacking in the regular habit of brushing their own hair the task often falls to a parent who, seeing the child on his or her way […]

I’m With Her 

Lee Skeet is owner and chef at Cora, in Cardiff Wales. As a small business and restaurant owner, he is used to taking the heat and working under pressure. Since he worked under Gordon Ramsay early in his career, he certainly knows the “heat” at the higher ends of the scale. All of this experience […]