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I’ll Have Cheetos with That

pile of lego toys

Brand collaborations are taking the world by storm. They’re ubiquitous, but not necessarily a recent phenomenon. The first known brand collaboration was between Wedgewood, the fine china maker and the British Royal Family in the 1760s. But, I’m confident that collaboration included nothing like some of the most popular collaborations in the past couple of […]

Tangled Hair

Woman struggling to brush hair.

Mundane doesn’t mean meaningless and put on the back burner. Mundane matters.

Shoulder to Shoulder and Book by Book

As reported in a recent online article on www.npr.org sometimes the best way to move, especially if you’re having to move because you can’t afford to be where you are, lies in moving for free–since you’re already run out of money.  October Books, in Southampton, England, had been at their location since 1977. As a […]

Soda in a Milk Jug

The global pandemic of 2020-2022 cost millions of people their lives, their health and their futures. For those who survived or escaped the direct ravages of the disease, suffering came in other forms. For small business owners all over the world with most, if not all, of their customers in lockdown, their business traffic evaporated […]

Bridging the Generational Divide

A few years ago, the phrase “hey boomer” became a viral putdown from Gen Z and Millennials to their parents and older leaders trying to put life experience and wisdom forward as a solution to an existing challenge. The struggle between established and rising generations is as old as time. And, if you wait long […]

Influence and Flexibility – How do I maintain a relationship?

Black son walking on log near father

Imagine a line that represents the amount of influence we have over things in our life. The far-left end of the line is “no influence” and the far right is “total influence.”        Relationships violate a simple rule when one or another party to that relationship assumes they can control the other party. […]

Living with Energy

turned on clear glass light bulb

It’s not unusual, whether we’re talking about personal fitness or professional success, to discuss the role habits–regularly repeated activities–have on both important activities. As a general rule, we divide habits into two discrete categories — good and bad.  I’d like to look at good and bad habits through a different lens where we define them […]

Right, Wrong and Different 

Somewhere between the idea of “my truth” and “absolute truth” (at least from someone’s perspective) lies a way of looking at the world that has the potential to bring both ways of looking at the world together where “my truth” can live successfully with “the absolute truth” some others see, in ways that don’t require […]