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Know Your Audience: Offer the Right Gift


At the end of the Yalta Conference where the allied powers met to discuss their final strategy in the battle against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, FDR met with the King of Saudi Arabia–Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud–to secure American access to the vast oil reserves that lay under the sands of the Kingdom. The King, […]

Layla is a Star

I like eggs. I like them fried, scrambled, poached, over easy, in Eggs Benedict but I like them best soft boiled–6 minutes in a rolling boil then into the egg cup, off with their metaphorical “heads” and into the perfectly soft yolk with some well buttered toast–sliced in narrow strips in what the British call […]

Influence and Flexibility – How do I maintain a relationship?

Black son walking on log near father

Imagine a line that represents the amount of influence we have over things in our life. The far-left end of the line is “no influence” and the far right is “total influence.”        Relationships violate a simple rule when one or another party to that relationship assumes they can control the other party. […]

One Plus One Equals Two, Until it Doesn’t

Two seals

It is easy to make assumptions. Sometimes we don’t realize that something we take as an absolute, other’s may not see that way. Afterall, One Plus One Equals Two, Until it Doesn’t.

Not All Challenges are Big Ones: Except to Someone

Photo of a Mother Combing Her Daughter's Hair

A recent article in the WSJ outlined a two decade pursuit of one of the significant challenges faced daily by parents of children with long hair. Too young or lacking in the regular habit of brushing their own hair the task often falls to a parent who, seeing the child on his or her way […]

Hey Boomer meets the power of Collabs

gray scale photo of woman lying on bed

A few years ago, the phrase “hey boomer” became a viral putdown from Gen Z and Millennials to their parents and older leaders trying to put life experience and wisdom forward as a solution to an existing challenge. The struggle between established and rising generations is as old as time. And, if you wait long […]

Get to the Point

Three Black Handset Toys

Email has become one of the most divisive and sometimes disruptive means to harm a “with” based relationship. According to the Guardian newspaper in the UK, the average worker sends approximately 40 emails and receives over 120 a day. I know people who would kill for a volume that low. I know people whose inbox […]

The Wise Tree

leafless tree on snow covered ground

“Cancel culture” is a virus. It’s one of those viruses you can carry, feeling no immediate effects but that you can pass on to others–where it can have devastating outcomes. For the longest time, it seemed some people thought that promoting (or sharing) the cancel culture virus would never come back on them. How wrong […]