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Constellations and Guiding Stars

silhouette of man looking at milky way

My family inherited a love for the outdoors from our grandparents.  One grandfather spent his career as a civil engineer outdoors riding horses, surveying property lines and collecting arrowheads in the hills of southern Utah.  Another grandfather grew up spending summers herding sheep, and continued his love of the outdoors through camping, boating and fishing.  […]

It’s No Carnegie Hall

In the 21st century technology is showing us ways to be with, talk with, work with and, create with people we’ve never met.

A Tiny Slice of Connection

newspaper burning

We found that 3 times as many stories are consumed each day about contention in the world and at home, than stories about people coming together, or connecting. Have you experienced more contention than connection in the last few years? Are we setting ourselves and our companies up for failure by not recognizing where we can come together? What can we do to begin focusing on connections?

Defending Tradition and Fighting for Change–Julia Child Against the World

woman in red and gold floral hijab

I like to cook. I learned to cook by watching cooking shows on television. My earliest memories are of cooking shows on PBS–long before there was The Cooking Channel. I remember Graeme Kerr and Pierre Franey and Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck. And now I watch Giana and Bobby.  In 2009 I was captivated by […]

A Slot in an old Wooden Box 

Pile of burnt paper with texts in retro box indoors

Fanny, from her childhood, loved to write poems. Poems were where she escaped from a world she found overwhelming and challenging, even in the best of times. Fanny was very shy. She was nearsighted and her family lacked resources to provide her with glasses. Uncomfortable around others, she would escape to her room and her […]

The Overfull Squirrel

close-up photography of brown squirrel

I had developed the habit, over many years, of reading several online news sites (in earlier times it was physical newspapers). I do this early in the morning to get a broad feel for what has happened since I went to bed and what I will experience as I begin a new day. The other […]

Right, Wrong and Different 

Somewhere between the idea of “my truth” and “absolute truth” (at least from someone’s perspective) lies a way of looking at the world that has the potential to bring both ways of looking at the world together where “my truth” can live successfully with “the absolute truth” some others see, in ways that don’t require […]