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Seeing Bridges, Building Bridges


In 1942, a little girl named Jane Goodall received a copy of The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. Her favorite part of the book was an illustration of a monkey crossing a bridge that Dr. Doolittle had built in the forest. From that moment, the idea of going to Africa and watching wild […]

If I Could Walk with the Elephants

Cambodia is a country on the go and on the mend. Decades ago, the Khmer Rouge propagated a vile genocide on their own people—butchering hundreds of thousands in clearings known to history as The Killing Fields. Part of their evil campaign involved sowing farmland and forests with thousands of landmines to make it impossible for […]

Know Your Audience: Offer the Right Gift


At the end of the Yalta Conference where the allied powers met to discuss their final strategy in the battle against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, FDR met with the King of Saudi Arabia–Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud–to secure American access to the vast oil reserves that lay under the sands of the Kingdom. The King, […]

Constellations and Guiding Stars

silhouette of man looking at milky way

My family inherited a love for the outdoors from our grandparents.  One grandfather spent his career as a civil engineer outdoors riding horses, surveying property lines and collecting arrowheads in the hills of southern Utah.  Another grandfather grew up spending summers herding sheep, and continued his love of the outdoors through camping, boating and fishing.  […]

I’ll Have Cheetos with That

pile of lego toys

Brand collaborations are taking the world by storm. They’re ubiquitous, but not necessarily a recent phenomenon. The first known brand collaboration was between Wedgewood, the fine china maker and the British Royal Family in the 1760s. But, I’m confident that collaboration included nothing like some of the most popular collaborations in the past couple of […]

It’s No Carnegie Hall

In the 21st century technology is showing us ways to be with, talk with, work with and, create with people we’ve never met.

My Catch, Your Ball

We have opportunities every day to interact with people and to make a difference in their day. Sometimes hitting a home run is more about seizing the opportunity to make someone else’s day better. Are we taking the opportunities in our daily lives to hit a home run?

Tangled Hair

Woman struggling to brush hair.

Mundane doesn’t mean meaningless and put on the back burner. Mundane matters.